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Seeking a solution for your business to pay and get paid? Are your bank wire transfers costing too much? Need money sent and received faster? We got you!

After rummaging through many business payment solutions, trying to find the most secure, quickest and affordable one for our company, we found a perfect solution, and we want to share it with you! We introduce you to Veem.

What is Veem?

Veem is a payment network that enables businesses to send and receive money, similar to a bank transfer, but way faster, way cheaper and more flexible. A payment network enables you to make transactions directly to your network without having to deal with your bank, this speeds up the payment process and cuts costs tremendously. You can look at it like CashApp or Venmo but with features and integrations that make it work with your business Backed by industry leading investors like Google Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank, Veem is guaranteed to be secure and reliable, and their rates speak for themselves. . There is no subscription with Veem, and it costs $0 to get set up.

Sending Payments With Veem

Paying vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors is made so easy with Veem. As fast as you can send an email, you can send a payment. Payments can be made domestically or internationally and if your international payment recipient accepts a different currency, Veem can exchange the payment to the required currency (at a much better rate than any traditional bank!) Their fee compared to bank fees are night and day, for example, to send a US domestic payment, their fee is.... $1! In comparison, sending the same payment through a bank transfer would typically cost $20-$40.

Receiving Payments With Veem

Receiving payments with Veem is seamless, you can send customers / clients invoices directly through Veem and have them pay the Invoice with a click. Accepting domestic payments is absolutely free for the recipient. If you do need to send an international payment where the currency has to be exchanged, there is a $20 fee, banks typically charge $50+ for a payment of like this, plus Veem has fantastic currency exchange rates.

Software Integrations

Veem can easily be integrated with common accounting softwares such as Quickbooks, Xero and Netsuite and has an API to integrate payments directly into an online marketplace or payroll system.

Veem really is a great payment tool to have, it is free to set up and offers such a smooth, professional payment experience, the affordability blows any bank transfer method out of the water and the software integrations make it that much more convenient and action ready!

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