A Powerful CRM If Your Business Uses Gmail & G-Suites

A CRM (customer relationship manager) is a management tool that enables you to store all of your customer information and sales / project status in one central place. A CRM is essential to maintain organization on revolving leads and current projects. Different CRM's have various features and integration abilities. G suites (from Google) is one of the most popular suites of apps used for business. Gmail, G-sheets, Drive, Docs, Calendar etc. are some of the tools that are included, and used day to day by many businesses that utilize G Suites as their central manager.

At Upwird, we set out to find the best tools to integrate with new or existing systems your business may be using. And today we'll discuss the best CRM for businesses that use Gmail and G-Suites.


Streak is a CRM that was specifically designed for businesses that use Gmail and Google apps. The Streak system enables Gmail to become a common ground for team members to manage projects with each other, and run a smooth and consistent communication process with leads and customers. Anyone that knows a thing about sales will agree that a lead is one of the most valuable and urgent assets to a business, and a proper follow up strategy is integral to keeping a lead active and ultimately closing a deal. Having an established process in place to handle leads and manage customers saves time, improves organization and produces results! Sharing information on a lead or project between team members is super important too, and Streak makes it possible to share emails, call logs, notes, timelines, tasks and much more between your team. Often, when taking over a lead from another team member, you may not have a feel of the prospects personality, by having access to a few of their previous emails, you can gain a better understanding of how that person reacts to certain prompts or if they would appreciate a witty line... or not.

The ability to customize filtered prospect groups is a feature worth mentioning, say you want to send a reminder or maybe limited time offer to leads who haven't responded to any emails in a week, you can locate just these prospects (or filter the list more) and send a targeted promo or follow up to that specific category of prospect. This is a much better way to handle mass follow ups (which save time) but still have a targeted relevance (more effective).

Maintaining relationships with existing or past customers takes consistency, it is easy to forget about a past customer, but past customers that feel connected to your business become repeat customers. Having a scheduled, occasional greeting and friendly check-in can be the best way to secure future deals with a past customer. Setting these reminders or automated check-ins are very simple to implement with Streak.

In addition to dealing with customers, Streak can also be used to manage other internal operations such as hiring / staffing, managing support tickets, logistics management and more, you can really customize any kind of flow management system.

If your business uses G Suite apps, Streak will make everything operate like clockwork, the ease of integration with all of your Google tools is seamless. Tracking / updating projects, communicating, and following up with customers is all centralized, leaving no cracks for valuable leads to fall through.


Streak does offer a free version, it will give you access to some features like the basic CRM with limited data entry and limited mass emailing (50 per day) this can work if you are looking for a personal workflow manager, but it is not ideal for a business CRM as you won't be able to share info with co-workers and have limited access to the powerful integration tools.

For businesses, we recommend the PRO plan, while there is one plan above this one (the Enterprise plan) the Pro plan is very affordable and really has all the features needed to create a perfect CRM for your team, they do offer a free 14-day trial so you can get a feel for the system and decide if it will work for you.

To get started with Streak or to learn more about them, you can visit their site here.

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