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Top Pick - High Performing HR Software


Business becomes personal when it comes to dealing with your employees. Human resource management can become complicated. A solid HR system will enable a business to build a safe and desirable culture and environment for the people that dedicate their lives to building it.

Why we recommend BambooHR:

- manager - employee interaction based, gives employees direct contact to HR

- unique interactive platform, almost like social media for HR and employees

- goal and time tracking with report generating tools 

- great hiring tool to find, communicate with, hire and manage candidates 

- employee benefits manager and tracking feature

- excellently designed platform with high functioning mobile app

Recommended - Hire a Remote HR Manager 


Bambee is a tool that gives you the benefits of having a designated HR manager without having to staff a full time employee as an HR manager. Aside from eliminating a hefty payroll expense, Bambee's HR managers are well versed with HR policy and standards and will ensure proper implementations. 

Why we recommend Bambee:

- Bambee works with you to craft your internal HR policies that fit the way you run your business

- unlimited and full remote HR support, available to help by phone, email, or chat, essentially an extension of your team

- a staffed HR department or even HR consultants will cost  thousands of dollars a month, with Bambee you have all the benefits with plans starting at just $99/mo 

Recommended - Strong Simple HR Software


Similar to Bamboo HR, Freshteam offers many features and employee interaction / input abilities. Their mobile app is well designed too, making it easier for employees to submit documents, time off requests and more. Additionally Freshteam offers great tools to source and hire new candidates. 

Why we recommend Freshteam:

- time tracking and employee input features on the mobile app are well designed 

- clean platform makes individual employee management very easy

- hiring tools are strong, including recruiting automation features 

- upfront affordable pricing, free trials and a free "lite" version available 

- great customer service and tech support

Recommended - Hiring Campaign Manager


Running a hiring campaign to find qualified, legitimate candidates can be frustrating. A solid tool to help mange sourcing, interviews and follow ups will make hiring much easier and extend your reach to potential candidates, ultimately helping you find the best person for the job.

Why we recommend Recruitee:

- create a website page specifically for job applicants  

- automatically promote your campaign on all major job boards (indeed, Linkedin, Monster, etc.) and create social media sharing content to publish.

- can automatically filter and sort applicants based  off of resume features

- team feature allows hiring team to share feedback and notes on an applicant 

- campaign result tracking to improve future campaigns